Beneath the natural beauty of Vandri is a sorry state of affairs for its residents who are living in extremely challenging circumstances. Below are some of the major challenges which we have identified for Vandri.

Poor Accessibility

This village of Vandri, lives in isolation with limited connectivity to the outside world. The village can be approached only by a 17 km long mud road from Dhumkal village in Dediapada taluka. During monsoons, this road is not motor able and the village can only be reached via a long and arduous trek.

Lack of basic educational infrastructure

Vandri has one primary school, catering to about 50 odd students. However, the school lies in a dilapidated condition. The school has only two classrooms; one is filled with broken chairs, and in the other, students from Class 1 to Class 5 study in unison. Even the sole toilet in this school is in a non functional condition

Absence of Health & Sanitation facilities

Healthcare access is limited, and the nearest health sub-center is approximately 30 km away. Villagers need to walk for long distances to obtain basic treatment. The 108 Ambulance service too is unavailable for the residents of this village.

Less than 5% of the residents have access to toilet facilities and hence they defecate in the open. More than 90 toilets have been constructed under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan scheme however these are not utilized due to lack of water and other sanitary facilities.

No suitable drinking water facility is available and river water is utilized for drinking, bathing and cooking.

Other Challenges

Agriculture is the pre-dominant occupation of the residents in Vandri. Despite being very close to the Sardar Sarovar Dam, the farmers have no alternative but to depend on the rain Gods for their crops. Irrigation facilities are absent in this village.

The village of Vandri does not have any mobile network connectivity and services. Hence it is imperative that the village is immediately connected to a communication grid.

The closest police Station and bank from the village of Vandri is at Dediapada which is about, 45 km away and the nearest post office from the village is at a distance of 20 km.

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