In 2001, three years after she became Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi appointed Ahmed Patel has her political secretary. As political secretary Ahmed Patel assists and advises the Congress President on a variety of matters pertaining to the party administration and strategy.

During the 2002 Godhra riots, Ahmed Patel initiated the parliamentary discussion on the matter in the Rajya Sabha. In 2004 , he played a crucial role in forging a broad based pre-poll alliance for the UPA which saw the party coming back to power that year.

“Next time when you visualize a farmer, do not think it can only be a man. Women are the silent foot soldiers of our agricultural revolution.”

During the tenure of UPA 1 and 2, Ahmed Patel – in his capacity as Political Secretary to Congress President – helped the government in resolving political challenges. He intervened decisively during the 2007 and 2012 Presidential elections. He was also the main interface between the government and the Congress party. Ahmed Patel was exclusively responsible for managing the government’s allies and getting their consensus on critical legislation.

During the 2009 election, Ahmed Patel was on the key strategists which saw the Congress coming back to power for a second consecutive time.

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